What Is CLIPS?

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We’re glad you asked! CLIPS is actually an acronym for the name of our company: Cannabis Logistical Information Processing Services Co. Ltd.

Our mission is to provide not only news and information, but also logistical and information services pertaining to the cannabis space. It is well known by now that Thailand has legalized cannabis and the regulatory regime remains to be fully realized, but it seems logical to infer that Thailand’s regulations will ultimately evolve to resemble the institutions in other jurisdictions. Finding reliable insight and information on the state of equipment and product supply chains can be invaluable to businesses. For this reason, we are hoping to turn this website into not only an information source for those casually interested in this topic, but also a source of information for business-to-business transactions which may occur in this space in the future. Our hope is that by creating a database of information which can be shared by licensed vendors we can make the overall business environment more efficient and also safer for the public.

If you are interested in discussing how our information systems can help you, please feel free to contact us at: info@cannabis.co.th

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